(MNR) is a website designed for use by small neighborhoods (500 or fewer homes/apartments).

Neighbors provide referrals to the site, and can view their neighbors referrals. Referrals must be 'positive' in nature - no negative posts. Users may supply referrals to their own personal business, and must disclose their association. No paid advertisements for referrals are allowed. MNR may accept paid advertisements for space on the main website, but will not accept paid advertisements for any neighborhood page. Submitted referrals become the property of MNR, and may be removed at the sole discretion of MNR management.

By logging in to MNR, you agree to abide by the terms of use. If you wish your account to be removed from MNR, send email to with your request.

Presently, MNR is free for public use. MNR reserves the right to impose a usage fee at any time. If such a fee is imposed, users will be given 30 days notice prior to the imposition of charges. MNR will work with neighborhoods who wish to leave the system to see that data they have submitted is made available at no charge.

MNR is a family friendly site. No 'adult content' is permitted, and any referrals that are deemed 'inappropriate' will be removed. If you have questions about any referral, and wish it reviewed, please contact us at